Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

The brief from our clients on this project was to create a spacious family home on a relatively small building footprint that was naturally energy efficient. The clients had plans designed by Williams Burton architects and then went to market to find a builder. We pushed hard to win this project because it fits in with our company’s ethos to build quality, custom designed, energy efficient homes.

Entertaining spaces that were functional, easily accessible and had a natural flow between them were an essential part of the brief.

The client is actually involved in the Jaffa Limestone business and was very keen to have his limestone blocks incorporated into the design. This not only creates a stunning feature and textural focal point throughout the living space, but also acts as thermal mass. The fully glazed northern façade allows winter sun to penetrate onto the polished concrete floors throughout and onto the limestone block walls to create an evenly warming atmosphere. The central combustion heater is also surrounded by a limestone block feature mantle and absorbs/radiates heat.

The curved roof line at the western end of the house is followed down by a wall of earth which provides shelter from the harsh western sun and the sea breezes.

A stunning design. A stunning finish. It really was an honour to be involved in such a project.